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Dubai is now being recognized as the business, leisure and sporting capital of the Middle East. Overseas property buyers and its millions of visitors each year are attracted to the liberal attitude and relaxed environment. Live and let live is the feel of Dubai where the majority of the 1.5 million populations are in fact expatriates.
Doing business in Dubai is surprisingly easy with minimal bureaucracy and a can do attitude that makes Dubai an attractive place for big business. The country wants inward investment and to increase its population. Politically stability and low crime are also one of the features of Dubai. International visitors feel safe and the presence of heavily armed police and army is not present in Dubai. How this state has achieved such an oasis of tranquility is remarkable. The ruling Royal family are admired and spoken highly by the people of Dubai. It may be the lack of political interventions or political parties in Dubai that may indeed make this place harmony.
The climate in Dubai is sub tropical and arid rain is seen during the winter months of December to March. The average temperature is between 10-30 degrees Celsius and can reach up to 48 degrees in July and August.
International investors buying property in Dubai include Russian, British, Indian and Pakistani investors. The French are now seeing the potential of this region and I anticipate will also become one of the major investors in this region and for more help setting up a business in dubai
Investors from the Middle East and United Arab Emirates are amongst the earliest investors. Buying property in Dubai as an overseas buyer is quite straightforward. The majority of real estate in Dubai is available off plan or pre construction. Typically as property developers launch a project there is flurry of activity amongst investors. Seasoned investors have speculated about the bubble bursting in the Dubai real estate market.
Oversupply has led to concerns by overseas property investors. In 2010 the number of homes in the region is set to double to 530,000. The commercial sector is also expanding at a rapid rate with office space set to triple, so who is going to buy all this real estate? Dubai Property Executives explain how Dubai is as great place to invest.
Snakelike is a government backed property developer Chief Executive Chris O'Donnell 'People do get a little concerned about Dubai, thinking we are just building and hoping we will sell the product on completion. But we sell product prior to starting construction. Everything you see at Palm Sumeria has been sold" Property Developers Dubai Properties Chief Executive Mohammed Inbreed "We do not begin until the units are sold and then we ask for a 70% deposit." When asks if he thought the Dubai market would crash with so much construction he replied " Around 40% of the population is under 20 add this factor to a population that is growing it implies much more houses.
As I walked through the four levels of the Dubai Mall and watched shoppers at the Versace Home store, the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, had a sandwich at the Subway franchise location and
Franchise Marketing Systems recently spent the past week in Dubai working with local businesses and meeting with a group of potential investors. For those who have not been to Dubai, this is what I would consider a mecca of consumerism and retail business - maybe Las Vegas, NV would come close, but even the strip can't compete with what Dubai has to offer. The Emirates Mall has an indoor ski slope, The Dubai Mall boasts an indoor ice skating rink, downtown Dubai proudly holds the trophy of having the world's tallest building, there are too many sites and unique aspects of Dubai to mention. But the exciting thing about the Middle East is to stop at Dubai is to only scratch the surface of the potential in the region for business growth.
They are still building on just about every corner in Dubai, not houses or small buildings, 60 story plus sky scrapers. Dubai's neighber, Abu Dhabi has the globe's largest sovereign wealth fund at $627 billion, Kuwait is second at about $450 billion. The Middle East is a region that has been largely ignored by the rest of the world other than for their oil. But what I discovered in working with businesses in Dubai is that this is an area and region ripe for commerce. Construction, Finance, Retail and professional Business Services all have enormous opportunities for growth in the Middle East. There is also the obvious culture differences that the Middle East brings to a business discussion, how does one do business in the Middle East successfully?
What I found is that the Middle East culture is accepting and open to doing business and working with people from other areas of the world. The International feel and influence is obvious in Dubai, but is also beginning to show in areas like Abu Dhabi and throughout the Middle East business landscape. I couldn't help but notice the amount of American and European franchises that filled the strip centers and malls throughout the area. If you have not visited Dubai, you should make this your next trip. If you are in business and haven't considered doing business in the Middle East, you should make the region your next expansion goal.

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